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Established in 1991, the company DS-1 UAB is a team of professional, qualified and experienced technicians of gas system installation, operation and maintenance. The company offers complex and qualified solutions in all fields related to gas systems: installation, maintenance and various repairs.


The main goal of DS-1 UAB is safe and timely installation, operation, maintenance and repair of gas systems. The company focuses on B2B services, so its principal clients are legal persons. DS-1 UAB has implemented an integrated quality, environmental and OSH management system according to ISO standards and holds certificates from the State Energy Inspectorate (SEI). This allows us to offer our clients comprehensive services that meet highest quality and safety standards. 


Operation and maintenance of heating equipment and turbines

Repair, hydraulic testing and maintenance of heating equipment with a pressure of up to 1.4 MPa. Repair and testing of heating networks with nominal diameter (DN) of up to 500 mm. Operation of heating substations with a capacity of up to 1 MW.

Operation and maintenance of liquefied petroleum gas facilities 

Repair, testing and maintenance of distribution gas pipelines and equipment. Operation of electrochemical corrosion protection equipment of gas pipelines, automation and control systems of natural gas facilities, consumer gas pipelines and their equipment, gas appliances and gas technological facilities. Start-up and adjustment of gas pipelines and their facilities.

Operation and maintenance of natural gas facilities

Repair, testing, technological cleaning and maintenance of inlets. Operation of electrochemical corrosion protection, automation, monitoring and control systems of internal gas pipelines and gas fired plants with a capacity from 4 to 400 kW.

Operation of underground gas pipelines

Drawing up technical dossiers. Making as-built photos. Drawing up route maps. Insulation, leak checks and restoration of insulation. Pressure measurements. Servicing of cathode stations. Notches in underground gas pipelines using WAF equipment.

Operation of gas reservoir facilities.

Annual and periodic technical inspection of facilities. Servicing of underground gas pipelines. Filling reservoirs with gas. System conservation for summer season and deconservation for the heating season.


Installation of distribution gas pipeline systems

Installation and testing of distribution gas pipelines

Installation of internal gas pipeline systems

Installation of automation and control systems of natural gas facilities, consumer gas pipelines and their equipment, gas appliances and gas technological facilities


Design, production and installation of electrochemical equipment for protection of gas pipelines, trunk gas pipelines, oil pipelines and other facilities and metal structures against corrosion.





Organisation, execution and completion of gas pipeline construction works
Holding a special construction supervisor certificate will be an advantage
Please send your CV to info@ds-1.lt before 1 August.


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Registration number: 181123848
VAT number: LT811238412
Address: Zietelos g. 3, LT-03160 Vilnius

Email: info@ds-1.lt
Tel. +370 5 28 55 236
Fax +370 5 28 55 248

Vykintas Belickas

Email: vykintas@ds-1.lt


Agnė Martyncevaitė
Engineering System Construction Project Manager
Mob. +37065543376
Email: agne@ds-1.lt

Juozas Gedeikis
Electrochemical Protection Project Manager
Mob. +37065997352
Email: juozas@ds-1.lt

Algirdas Narkevičius
Operation Project Manager
Email: algirdas@ds-1.lt


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